« Irregular Emigration: Empiricism and voluntarism won’t help; Reacting without studying the problems won’t get you far, either », By Chérif Salif SY


Inevitably, this is the most reasonable thing I’ve heard since the recent news of the departures in pirogues to Europe! When a problem arises, one begins by reflecting on its ins and outs before proposing solutions. For me (I’ll come back to this), we cannot really understand the phenomenon and its implications without studying three things in the socio-economic environment: 1 – the social link; 2 – the market link; 3 – the political link.Indicators that could help are: The family: formation and dissolution of couples, family size, etc. Family: formation and dissolution of couples, family size, etc. Community life: creation/disappearance, number of membersReligion: old and new religious practicesWork: number of precarious jobs, unemployed peopleOffences: evolution of delinquency and crime, etc. Six modes of relationship will be particularly studied, as they play a predominant role in the relationships that humans have with each other and with elements of their non-human environment: exchange, predation, gift, production, protection and transmission. I will probably come back to this!


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