Prolegomena to a new African geopolitics


It is for me the end of a week of awareness raising which has been very intense and rich in media activity.

After my participation yesterday in an international program on Algerian television, here is a taste of my great geostrategic interview of the same day.

It focused on the prolegomena to a new African #geopolitics which should help to better define the normal place of the countries of the continent in a new #multilateralism which is to be built, ALSO, in the well-understood interest of its populations.

Maybe an opportunity to seize?

Because with the way in which new equations arise every day in the context of North-South and East-West relations, it is also in the very interest of Africa’s external partners to end up understanding this necessary and to act accordingly.

These two programs are like a friendly hand that is extended to all those who want to work honestly and respectfully for and/or simply with Africa, within the framework of win-win partnerships.

I am sharing the links to these two shows as they become available.