In this context of Africa Liberation Day, it is pertinent to recall that 4 years ago, a collective of organizations, under the leadership of Enda Tiers-Monde, in line with Samir Amin’s philosophy, launched The Alternative Report on Africa (RASA):
The Zero issue already expressed the need for an approach that would reflect the reality of African societies and their projections for the future.
« A groundbreaking report defined as a « Report for Africa and by Africa », castigating Western methodologies for assessing development in Africa, a group of experts from various parts of the continent have proposed moving beyond assessments using Gross Domestic Product as a basis to adopt a measure of well-being instead », Sylvain Vidzraku, La Tribune Afrique, July 29, 2018,.
Axis 4 of the report already dealt with Transformative Sovereignty and desirable futures, and answered an existential and forward-looking question: what Africa in the making? It was about a resilient, resilient and enterprising Africa, despite the hostile international environment (pp. 71 – 97 of Report 0).
This photo album takes you back to the atmosphere of the men and women of value who contributed to and prepared the release of No. 0 of the Rapport Alternatif sur l’Afrique (#RASA).