« No one can ever develop Africa except the Africans themselves » Demba Moussa Dembélé


In an interview conducted by AROA, the economist Demba Moussa DEMBELE returns to the issue of the sovereignty of the African continent. Excerpts (below)


« The State must be able to take measures in favor of the populations against the policies of the multinationals. The democratic prerogatives of the State must be preserved and not flouted as is the case today. And even in developed countries, in the United States »

« In addition, with tax evasion, illicit financial flows that cause tens of billions to pass through African borders each year, at a minimum, it is some 60 billion that Africa loses each year in the form of illicit financial flows. This is all due to the policies imposed by these institutions and by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in particular »

« Institutions like the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, are controlled by the developed countries; the United States and Europe, in particular. Therefore, they will never be able to contribute to our development. »

« Africa’s development must come from Africa itself and its children; because no one knows Africa’s priorities better than Africans themselves and no one can ever develop Africa outside Africans themselves. And Africa has all the resources it needs to be able to develop from its own paradigm »

« We must question all these policies that we have not stopped imposing on Africa for at least forty years »

« It is time for Africa to control its development, develop its own paradigm and be the force that puts forward development policies designed in Africa and not in Washington, Paris or Brussels ».