The European Parliament supports the renewed fisheries partnership with Senegal – Dr Cheikh Guèye explains


The European Parliament supports the renewed fisheries partnership with Senegal. MEPs gave their approval to the conclusion of the renewed protocol offering opportunities to French, Spanish and Portuguese fishermen. The text was adopted by 524 votes for, 47 against and 115 abstentions.…/parliament-backs-the…

@DrCheikhGuèye EXPLAINS: « This is exactly what is holding the sector back. In addition to IUU fishing, there are various agreements with the EU, the Chinese, the Russians, the Koreans; there is also Senegalese industrial fishing, artisanal fishing with its thousands of canoes and we want fish to remain. Overfishing is the real problem and the State only looks at the few million euros it earns for « sectoral support for the development of Senegal’s fisheries policy, in particular through the improvement of fisheries control, the development of research and data collection in the field of fisheries and the health certification of fishery products ». traditional fishermen receive nothing and end up being discouraged from generation to generation If there were candidates for clandestine migration without experienced fishermen to transport them, the phenomenon would be mitigated. ‘a of the most important factors of the canoe phenomenon. In other countries, fishermen are looking for Kalashnikovs and taking the boats hostage. »


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