WEBINAR IPAR-IFA-RASA_AROA: « Discourses and practices of foresight in Africa


You are cordially invited to the webinar co-organized by the Initiative for Agricultural and Rural Foresight (IPAR), the Institute for African Futures (IFA) and the Report on Africa Alternatives (RASA) on the theme: « Discourses and practices of foresight in Africa ».

The purpose of this Webinar is to:

Partager des informations sur les enjeux et défis que pose la prospective en Afrique plus particulièrement au Sénégal
Recueillir l’expérience d’institutions utilisant cette approche pour informer la planification stratégique
Reflect with the community of researchers and practitioners on recommendations, methods, experiences allowing a better appropriation of the foresight approach in public policies

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