« Pragmatic, the authors of RASA 1 model endogenous practices to imagine policies adapted to African realities », Le Monde diplomatique


Anne – Cécile Robert, Le Monde diplomatique, August 2021

This report is distinguished by its point of view: the authors, who come from the academic and associative world of Africa, envisage the development of the continent from the perspective of the sovereignty of its peoples. After analyzing the damage caused by the extraversion of local economies, they imagine a political model based on the needs of the people, such as food and culture. Inspired by the Egyptian economist Samir Amin (1931-2018) and by the Burkinabe revolution of Thomas Sankara (1949-1987), they break with liberal ideology and propose a strategy of « disconnection from globalized capitalism. Monetary sovereignty (end of the CFA franc) but also digital sovereignty (creation of an African cloud), as well as an industrialization program (textiles, mining, etc.) will increase Africa’s autonomy within the framework of federal institutions. For them, sovereignty is popular before it is national. Pragmatically, the authors model endogenous practices to imagine policies adapted to continental realities.