Free trade, break or continuity? Where do Europe-Africa relations stand at the time of the African Continental Free Trade Area?



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At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us to re-prioritise the socio-economic vulnerabilities it has highlighted, and to address environmental challenges, the political, economic, trade and financial relations between the European Union and Africa are being questioned. Can free trade continue to guide these relations as it has been until now? Shouldn’t we instead initiate vast cooperations whose objectives would contribute to food sovereignty, the strengthening of sustainable industrial sectors and robust social protection systems, and the fight against climate change? With the advent of the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA), supported and financed by the EU, and the multiplication of economic partnership agreements, European and African institutions have embarked on a path of continuity. What critical analyses can be made of this? What are and what should be the strategic priorities of these relations at the time of the renewal of the Cotonou agreements and the next EU-Africa summit? Second panel organised in the framework of the preparation of the Amath Dansokho colloquium, 6th international edition of the Dakar colloquium (UCAD, 26-28 January 2022), with :

Fatimah Kelleher, consultant and activist, specialist in women’s rights, social and economic justice,
Jane Nalunga, Director of SEATINI-Uganda, Southern and Eastern Africa Trade Information and Negotiations Institute,
Helmut Scholtz, GUE/NGL MEP, member of the International Trade Committee,
Laurent Levard, agro-economist, programme manager – Food and Rural Economy Department, GRET,
Jean-Jacques Lumumba, founder of the Pan-African Anti-Corruption Network, UNIS, DRC.
Moderator: Chrystel Le Moing, Gabriel Péri Foundation. In partnership with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (West Africa office), the Independence and Labour Party of Senegal (PIT), the Unitary and Democratic Teachers’ Union of Senegal (SUDES) and the European left-wing Party.


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