DID YOU KNOW? About Daniel Sorano


« Apart from an insignificant biographical coincidence – his father was a court clerk in Dakar at the beginning of the last century – nothing links him to our country. Of his rich repertoire, not a single piece is even remotely about Africa, let alone Senegal, where he has never set foot « #GastonBerger »… whose name is on one of our best universities, born in Saint-Louis, grandson of Fatou Diagne, left Senegal in his early childhood and, as far as we know, has never returned »@BorisDiop in https://seneplus.com/…/faidherbe-ou-la-fascination-du…


RASA_AROA constitutes a place of convergent and contradictory expression of the analyses and readings of all Africans concerned with refocusing an authentic and sovereign African thought and projecting it into the world space.https://twitter.com/Rasa…/status/1322098247356370944…


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