Dr. Bakary Sambe: « Europe and our African leaders must review these dramatic agreements


« Some time ago, while listening to these desperate young people in a camp in Agadez, I was distressed by the stories of journeys at the risk of their lives. Today there is a real drama that is played out under the indifferent gaze of our politicians, who are largely responsible for the misery that kills in the desert and the Mediterranean, » laments Dr. Bakary Sambe.

For the director of Timbuktu Institute, « the situation in Libya is proof that the developed world can never buy its comfort or its good conscience by agreements whose financial benefits do not even reach the recipients. The source of this misery that drives to despair is in the bad governance that gangrene our States, the unbalanced power relations in international trade but also in the bad distribution of wealth.

« It is time to act, certainly in an emergency, but above all for a future that gives everyone a place. The developed world will not be able to enjoy indefinitely a comfort that isolates it from the misery of the world without suffering the consequences either in waves of immigration or terrorist threats in their beautiful capitals. We have become a single international community of the vulnerable. We must be aware of this », says Dr. Sambe.

And the Senegalese expert on transnational networks recalls that an important Muslim religious leader in the Sahel rightly said that the main factor of instability in our world was to be found in « the arrogance of the unjust ».

According to Bakary Sambe, « this situation must end with sustainable measures, because legislative sprinkling and declarations of principle will never be able to overcome the factors of instability that will spare no one, even behind the wealthy citadels, in the face of the daily tragedies that strike a whole continent through its youth.

Source: afriquemidi.com


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