Digital solidarity economy and youth employment in Tunisia


12 May 2021 –ThinkingAfrica1

Wala reduces the economic and political marginalisation of young people by enabling them to develop an identity and role as active citizens, policy makers and drivers of the new digital economy. Through its company, YouthDecides, Wala recruits « community ambassadors » aged 18-35 and trains them to recruit and lead teams of young people in their local communities through projects of their choice. To do this, Wala identifies, connects and provides youth ambassadors with access to a network and a set of tools to engage youth in their communities. These tools aim to enable young people to develop the skills needed to find a job or start their own business in the digital economy (web design, coding, etc.) as well as to leverage digital for political participation. Through YouthDecides, it enables young people trapped in a post-revolutionary depression to become fully engaged participants in their communities and the economy. In post-revolutionary Tunisia, where youth marginalisation and disillusionment lead to high rates of radicalisation, Wala is building a movement of young people who are creating their own path to constructive political and economic participation.

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