Political and socio-economic issues in times of pandemic. Analysis and left perspectives for Africa and Europe


1st videoconference, Saturday 30 January 2021, 12pm-2pm (Paris time), 11am-1pm (Dakar time)

The economic and social consequences of the pandemic call for a break with the neo-liberal logic that dismantles the social state in order to place common goods, public services and the well-being of populations at the heart of policies. What are the reflections, measures and struggles underway in Africa and Europe on these issues? What synergy should be used to promote left-wing proposals?

Authoritarianism did not wait for the pandemic to impose itself. But with it and the generalisation of digital surveillance, it is accelerating. Liberticidal measures, criminalisation of political thought and opposition, manipulated elections: what proposals, solidarity and action strategies can be used to counteract these excesses on both continents and truly democratise our societies?

The Foundation and its partners, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the Senegalese Independence and Labour Party (PIT), the Senegalese Unitary Teachers’ Union (SUDES) and the Party of the European Left, invite you to a video-conference debate on these two aspects, social and economic, on the one hand, and political and democratic, on the other, with :

Maïté Mola, vice-president and head of international relations of the Party of the European Left,
Assétou Founé Samaké Migan, teacher-researcher, Minister of Research and Higher Education of Mali (2016-2019),
Louise Gaxie, director of the Gabriel Péri Foundation,
Cheikh Gueye, geographer, permanent secretary of the Alternative Report on Africa (Senegal),
Samba Sy, Minister of Labour of Senegal, Secretary General of PIT/Senegal.
Moderator: Chrystel Le Moing, Gabriel Péri Foundation.

This first panel is part of the preparation of the Amath Dansokho colloquium, the 6th edition of the Dakar international colloquium, which we had to postpone due to the health crisis, and which will be held at the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar in December 2021.

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